Christèle Demuro

Christèle’s practice is mostly about assisting skilled workers to secure temporary visas and entrepreneurs to self-sponsor for legal permanent residence with their American companies. She is currently a student of Harvard Extension pursuing a Graduate Certificate Program in International Relations. This is highly relevant to the current state of affairs between the U.S. and foreign countries and bears a connection with her daily work as an immigration lawyer.

Christèle puts a particular focus on client relations: she handles cases and communications personally from begin to finish with no wait time to schedule a call with her, she produces high-quality work and remains honest with her clients throughout about the likelihood of succeeding with their petitions or applications.

Christèle loves good food & wine, travel, discussing the news, reading, and enjoy it all even more while spending time with family and friends!!

She is a member of the Board of Trustees of the International School of OC, the only accredited French-Immersion School PK-6 in Orange County. Her 3 children attended this school before transferring to Tustin Public Schools.

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Teresa McQueen, Esq.
Founder, Host and Executive Producer
Teresa is a skilled trial attorney (a recovering litigator!), Corporate Counsel for Western Growers Family of Companies, a published author and frequent speaker on a wide range of topics including harassment, discrimination and retaliation in the workplace. She is a Certified Business Etiquette Trainer and hosts the Workplace Perspective podcast to help organizations of all sizes develop and maintain successful employer/employee relationships.*

*The views expressed by Teresa McQueen are her own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Western Growers Family of Companies, its officers, directors, board members, employees, or members.

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