Peter Stockburger

About Peter:

Peter Stockburger is the office managing partner for the Firm’s San Diego office, a member of the Firm’s Venture Technology and Emerging Growth Companies group, and co-lead of the Firm’s Autonomous Vehicle practice.

Peter partners with emerging and established clients around the globe to strategize about how they can best leverage data and talent to grow, operate, and protect their business. With a focus on data privacy and security, Peter works with clients of all sizes and maturity to build and shore up their privacy and security programs, deploy technology, enhance compliance and stakeholder confidence, take new products to market, work through data governance and retention challenges, navigate workplace disputes, and harness emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence.

  • Grow Your Business. Whether you’re looking to sell, buy, or launch a new product or service, Peter works with clients to perform in-depth privacy and security due diligence in mergers and acquisitions, strategize about privacy and security by design, ensure the use and launch of technology for new products and services aligns with the increasingly complex global privacy and security legal landscape, and identify areas for strategic growth.
  • Operate Your Business. From managing talent to designing websites and applications, Peter works with clients on how best to operate their business by collecting, using, and sharing data. Peter partners with clients to conduct data maps, enhance website and application compliance (e.g., cookie disclosures, privacy policies, terms of use, ADA compliance, automatic renewal disclosures, e-mail and telephone number collection and use for marketing, etc.), manage contracts (e.g., SaaS agreements, vendor contracts, data sharing agreements), and ensure privacy and security are built into everyday business processes, such as HR, marketing, and UX.
  • Protect Your Business. Peter works with clients to protect their assets through contract review and drafting, stakeholder training, developing robust terms of use and service, conducting website audits, workplace assessments, reviewing and enhancing security controls, and helping clients navigate security incidents when they occur.

Peter also frequently writes and speaks on these topics (see Selected Insights and Selected Presentations below) and has an active pro bono practice where he works to expand human rights protections throughout the world (see Pro Bono Work below).

Connect with Peter here

To hear Peter’s episodes :

Episode 71

Episode 70


Teresa McQueen, Esq.
Founder, Host and Executive Producer
Teresa is a skilled trial attorney (a recovering litigator!), Corporate Counsel for Western Growers Family of Companies, a published author and frequent speaker on a wide range of topics including harassment, discrimination and retaliation in the workplace. She is a Certified Business Etiquette Trainer and hosts the Workplace Perspective podcast to help organizations of all sizes develop and maintain successful employer/employee relationships.*

*The views expressed by Teresa McQueen are her own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Western Growers Family of Companies, its officers, directors, board members, employees, or members.

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