Episode #35 – Dealing With The Saboteur In Your Head: Julie McCoy

Today’s guest is Life Coach Julie McCoy. Teresa McQueen talks with Julie about how to silence our inner Saboteur – that little voice in our head that touts self-doubt and fear. Listen in as Julie provides some valuable insight into how to evict (or at least muzzle) that inner critic and reach your full potential in the year to come!   

Episode Timeline

00:06Introduction and Disclaimer 01:30Saboteur – Who/What is it? 14:34Break and Public Service Announcement 15:51How to Silence the Saboteur 26:13Teresa’s Closing Remarks

“The bigger the goal, the louder the [Saboteur] voice.”

– Julie McCoy

Highlights From This Week’s Workplace Perspective:

  • The inner critic can be a positive force for improvement, but the Saboteur’s voices is always going to try to trip us up.
  • The main thing that characterizes the voice of the Saboteur [is that] the Saboteur is a liar. 
  • You’ll never win an argument with the Saboteur, but you have within you positive voices that can talk back and help silence the inner critic’s monologue.  

Julie’s  Tips for Employers and Employees

  • Recognizing that the Saboteur is never going to fall silent is one of the first steps to turning down its volume.
  • Confront the Saboteur head-on and identify its message. Once you identify the message you can figure out what parts are true and which parts are false. Work with what’s true and turn up the volume; lessening the impact of the Saboteur’s false message.
  • Identify and work to bring forward the positive voices. Focus on the voice of positivity when the Saboteur raises its voice and tries to step to the front.  

Hosted by

Teresa McQueen, Esq.
Founder, Host and Executive Producer
Teresa is a skilled trial attorney (a recovering litigator!), Corporate Counsel for Western Growers Family of Companies, a published author and frequent speaker on a wide range of topics including harassment, discrimination and retaliation in the workplace. She is a Certified Business Etiquette Trainer and hosts the Workplace Perspective podcast to help organizations of all sizes develop and maintain successful employer/employee relationships.*

*The views expressed by Teresa McQueen are her own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Western Growers Family of Companies, its officers, directors, board members, employees, or members.

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